Advancing the lives of farmers through digital farming technology.

Empower farmers to manage and monitor operations on the farm.

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Digital Farming Company

Crop Metrix (Pty) Ltd is a privately owned digital farming technology company in South Africa. We have been involved in the gathering and analysis of agricultural data, turning it into actionable management information for more than 40 years.

As a leading brand in the agricultural market, we aim to assist farmers to keep accurate records of farm activities. 

Farming Digital Apps

1. Valve-Check: A mobile app that enables the farmer to monitor the status of his irrigation cycles in real time.
2. Fuel-Check: A basic, stand-alone program that enables a farmer to manage fuel purchases, dispenses, consumption and rebate claims easily.

Fuel-Check is a tailor-made stand-alone program that assist farm owners to compare theoretical stock with physical stock on hand, analyze fuel usage, deviations are the result, allocate consumption, and calculate diesel rebate.

Valve-Check is an IOS and Android App that send instructions to the operators, monitor progress of the cycles in real time, do adjustments and corrections, keep record of the cycles analyze your cycles, and etc.