Valve-Check: Irrigation Cycle Monitoring App

We have developed our latest digital farming app to help you optimize your irrigation management. With Valve-Check, you are able to monitor your irrigation instructions in real time, from anywhere.

You can act immediately, should any deviation or interruption occurs.
Valve-check is a user friendly, cell phone driven system. Even your less tech-savvy staff will find it easy to use.


The Benefits The Valve-Check App Brings

Thirteen different reports can be generated over any period (day, week, month, year, season, etc.). The following information can be obtained:

Send Instructions

Send instructions to your operators

Monitor Cycles

Monitor progress of the cycles in real time

Adjust & Correct on the Go

Do adjustments and corrections

Download Valve-Check


1. Download the Valve-Check App

2. Send us an email to with “Valve-Check” in the subject line and a contact person, phone number and a convenient time that we may call you.
3. We will call you back to get the information that we need to give you a quotation.
4. We will then help you set up your App.


Need any help?

1. Call US at 078 471 8567
2. Email us at


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