Our Fuel Management Solution

We’ve designed the Fuel-Check system specifically for farmers who want to manage their fuel usage on a basic level, without compromising on useful management information. No complicated, expensive fuel gauges, GPS equipment or internet connection is needed. A lot of time was spent to make it easy to enter the data from your log books into the program.

The SARS obligation to keep log books in order to claim your diesel rebate, may be a burden to many farmers. But the data that you already have in your log books can be invaluable to your operation. The challenge is to turn the data into actionable management information. That is exactly what Fuel-Check can do for you.

Farm Fuel Management
Farm Fuel Management

Our Fuel Management Solution

Thirteen different reports can be generated over any period (day, week, month, year, season, etc.).

The following information can be obtained:



Consumption can be calculated by vehicle, section, activity, controller, operator.


Cost Allocation

Determine the actual fuel costs of your various vehicles/tractors and activities.


Human Errors

Human errors in the logbook can be identified and rectified



- From the storage tank: you can compare the theoretical tank contents at any time with the actual purchases and dispenses.
- From a vehicle: hourly consumption figures identifies deviations from the average.



Fuel-Check will calculate your rebate figures automatically. No more cumbersome spreadsheets needed! (Remember that you need to work out your diesel rebate on your consumption and not on your purchases. SARS's attitude is: "No logbook, no rebate".)



Compare different tractor/implement combinations with each other