Monitor and manage your irrigation instructions in real-time. Follow the progress of the irrigation cycles from anywhere!

Irrigation Cycle Monitoring App

We have developed our latest digital farming app to help you optimize your irrigation management. With Valve-Check, you are able to monitor your irrigation instructions in real time, from anywhere. You can act immediately, should any deviation or interruption occurs.

Valve-check is a user friendly, cell phone driven system. Even your less tech-savvy staff will find it easy to use


The farmer captures his daily instructions on the App. The “Instructions” field turns yellow, meaning that the instruction has been issued:



The operator gets his instructions on his cell phone. When he
opens a valve to start a cycle:

  1. The app uses the cell phone’s GPS to determine whether he is in close proximity of the valve. If not, he will not be able to  activate the cycle on the app.
  2. The app uses the cell phone’s system time to populate the
    “Open” field.
  3. Once successfully started, the “open” field turns green. According to the instruction, the app calculates the closing time.
  4. The “close” field turns yellow, meaning that the cycle is in
  5. Once the closing time has been reached, the operator
    closes the valve and stops the cycle.
  6. If the cycle is stopped on time, the block turns green.
  7. If it’s stopped either before or after the closing time, the
    block will turn red, meaning that the instruction was not
    followed correctly.
  8. In the above case, the manager will receive a notification on his cell phone.


  1. If a cycle gets interrupted like in Aa4, the operator:
    • Stops the cycle
    • Indicates what the reason is
  2. The “close” block turns red, indicating an irregular
    stop, in this case a power failure.
  3. The manager gets a cell phone notification.
  4. Once the problem is resolved, the operator resumes
    the cyle:
    • A new starting time is entered
    • A new closing time is calculated according to the outstanding time needed to complete the cycle
  5. Notifications are send to the manager

The Benefits The Valve-Check App Brings

Digital Farming App

Send instructions to your operators

Digital Farming App

Monitor progress of the cycles in real time

Digital Farming App

Do adjustments and corrections